Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I can send messages, but what about receiving replies?

A: Registering an account will allow you to receive replies directly to this site, without having to use an email address.
For un-registered users, replies will be delivered to the email address that you enter when sending the message.
TextPort offers virtual mobile numbers which can be leased to an account. A virtual number allows your textport account to behave just like a regular mobile phone. Your friends can text messages to your virtual number and you'll receive them in your TextPort inbox. When you send messages from TextPort your texts will appear to the recipient as if they were sent from a phone with your virtual number.

Q: What are the advantages of registering an account?

A: Registering an account will allow you to access extended services, like:

  • Ability to receive messages via this site
  • Access to international texting
  • Access to lease your own virtual mobile number
  • Maintain unlimited contacts in the contacts manager
  • View message history for all sent and received messages
  • Instant inbound message notifications

Q: I sent a message, but the recipient never received it. What happened?

A: The most frequent cause of undelivered messages occurs when the receiving party has transferred their number from one mobile provider to another. TextPort utilizes a system to auto-detect the mobile provider of the number that you are sending to. Mobile providers are assigned blocks of numbers. The auto-detect system recgonizes the blocks, but not individual number transfers between those blocks.
There are two work-arounds for this situation. If you know the carrier that your recipient ported their number to, then select it from the Country drop-down. This will force TextPort to send the message via that provider. If you are unsure which provider your recipient is on, then you can use the "USA - Ported Numbers" option in the Country drop-down. This option will cost you one credit (purchased separately), but it will guarantee that the message can be routed regardless of the whether the recipient's mobile provider is known or not.

Q: Why can virtual numbers not receive validation/verification/activiation codes from all sources?

A: While a virtual number will work for receipt of most forms of validation codes, some providers pre-check the number to ensure that it's associated with an actual mobile device. Since virtual numbers are not related to actual mobile devices, the delivery of the message may not work. Since the number of entities who issue such codes is endless and ever-changing, TextPort is unable to know which ones deliver to mobile-only numbers and which ones do not. We cannot offer refunds if you try to use a virtual number for this purpose and it does not work.

Q: Is my information safe?

A: Yes. We never sell, share or distribute any cell phone numbers, email addresses, or other information retained via your use of this site. We respect your privacy. See our Terms of Service and privacy policy for more detail. We do not store credit card numbers or other personal information on this site. All financial transactions are outsourced to PayPal, who are experts in ensuring safe financial transactions and the protection of your personal data.

Q: I received unwanted messages from this site. How can I stop them.

A: Please use our number block page to have your number immediately blocked. We will also review records to determine whether someone is attempting to exploit this site to send SPAM.

Q: What payment options do you accept for the purchase of international credits and virtual numbers?

A: All purchases are handled via PayPal. You can make payments using a PayPal account, if you have one, or using any major Credit Card. All transactions are handled by PayPal's secure interface. We do not store credit card numbers or personal information on this site. Purchases made via this site will appear as "TEXTPORTCOM" on your credit card or PayPal statement.