Virtual Mobile Number

A dedicated virtual mobile number provides full 2-way (send and receive) texting functionality, just like a standard mobile phone. A virtual number is a great texting alternative that allows you to send text messages from a "mobile" number without using or revealing your real mobile number. Virtual numbers can be used to send messages anywhere in the world, and our same ultra-low international texting rates apply. Virtual numbers can also be used for our SMS gateway if you need to receive replies from the mobile devices that you send messages to.

Virtual number pricing starts at $6.00 for a one-month lease.

Choose a country
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Choose your virtual number

Lease Period

 Include 100 credits with purchase (add $3.00)

Credits are required to send messsages using your virtual number. Inbound messages are free

Total Cost  $6.00

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USAGE GUIDELINES: Before making a purchase, please review and understand the following:

  • Virtual numbers are intended for communication with other mobile devices. All local carriers are supported.
  • Coverage is only guaranteed for messages sent/received within the country to which the number is designated. For example, a US virtual number will be able to send/receive SMS to/from US mobile devices.
  • Virtual numbers are not designed to receive any form of confirmation, validation or activation codes.
  • We do not offer refunds for virtual numbers that are used outside the scope of the above limitations